We will raise funds from individuals and organizations.  These funds will be used to provide clean well water, assistance with school fees such tuition, books, uniforms, etc., sustainable agriculture techniques and assist with medical supplies in West African countries.  

Our target is to provide clean water utilizing well water.  The wells will be 296 feet deep to ensure drinkable water and long production.  We will provide one well per community where feasible. If we determine that one well is not enough for a community we will provide a second if possible.  Clean water will decrease water borne diseases.

All school grades require tuition fees, book fees and uniforms.  These fees are paid by scholarship, parent or donations.  The opportunity to attend school gives the world a gift of more knowledge and possibilities in solving many of the existing problems.

We will find a university with an Agriculture Program and ask to partner with them to bring viable techniques for farming, erosion prevention and manufacturing to West African countries.  We will provide used farming equipment to help increase product production.

A pair of crutches can change a person’s life. The ability to move by oneself is a true gift.  We will provide crutches, wheel chairs and medical clinic supplies.  We will provide information to minimize health issues such as diabetes, non-immunization, malaria, etc